Parking & Transportation

Visitors flying into Logan Airport in Boston will find they can travel to Andover either by MBTA commuter rail leaving from North Station or by taxi/limousine service. Those looking for other ways of getting to Boston might consider using Amtrak’s Acela Express train or the bus services of Greyhound or Peter Pan.

Airport Services

Flight Line Van Service (shared van rides)           800-245-2525
Andover Coach (private car service)                       603-893-0075
Town Taxi                                                                           978-798-5972
Grace Limousine                                                             603-666-0203
Chief Executive Transportation                                978-475-2387
Harrison Transportation                                              888-487-8877

Local and Airport Services

Diamond Cab                                                                   978-689-9999
Popular Taxi                                                                      978-682-6000
American Taxi                                                                   978-682-4747
Merrimack Taxi                                                                 978-687-0911
Liberty Taxi                                                                         978-687-4141

PLEASE NOTE—While Phillips Academy does not specifically recommend any taxi or limousine services, the companies listed above are used regularly by members of the academy community and according to local authorities have not been the subject of any major complaints. Also, rates vary with each cab company, so please call them directly for current rates.


After unloading at your dorm or hotel, please use our campus parking areas.  As Andover is a walking campus, we encourage you to leave your car parked for the weekend and walk or use the shuttle service.  Please visit the Reunion Campus Map to view the available campus parking lots.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle vans bearing the Andover seal will service eight stops on campus and will run Friday from noon until 11 p.m., Saturday from7 a.m. until midnight, and Sunday from 8 a.m. until noon.  Please visit the Reunion Campus Map to view the designated shuttle stops.