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“Is Capitalism Ethical?”
Choir Room, Cochran Chapel
Tom Hodgson, Instructor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Economic inequality, environmental stress, and societal fragmentation, and lifestyle discontent have all been tied to modern economic arrangements known collectively as “Capitalism.” We will consider how best to answer questions like the following: What is Capitalism, and what, if anything, is it good for? Under what circumstances, if any, can a Capitalist economic arrangement be consistent with ethical principles and outcomes?

Mysteries in the Museum: Peabody Museum Scavenger Hunt
Hosted by Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology staff
Follow fifteen clues to fun and prizes in this museum gallery scavenger hunt. As you solve each mystery you will learn about the amazing collections held by the Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology. These scientific collections are finding innovative uses in PA classrooms as the museum’s mission has changed from research to teaching.


Write for Your Life!
Dole Room, Oliver Wendell Holmes Library
Lou Bernieri, Instructor in English and Executive Director, Andover Bread Loaf and Rich Gorham, Coach and House Counselor
An intergenerational writing workshop for ages 11 through adult. Get a taste of Andover Bread Loaf teaching methods and discover how fun and rewarding writing can be. Participants will create pieces of poetry and prose based on their own lives. Tapping into our natural instinct for self-expression, ABL methods liberate the natural writer within all of us and help transform teaching and learning inside and outside of the classroom. Seating is limited.

Birdwalk: Introduction to Ornithology
Gelb Science Center, Room 111
Marc D. Koolen and Thomas E. Cone III, Instructors in Biology
Please join us on a bird walk through PA’s diverse array of habitats, including a visit to Rabbit Pond and to Andover’s bird blind. In case of rain we will spend time at the Greene-Smith Collection in Gelb and in the library and look at our collection of nests of local birds. Our supply of binoculars is limited, so bring your own if you have them. Rain or shine, meet in the Gelb Science Center, Room 111 at 8:15 a.m.


Brazilian Cultural Studies – Interdisciplinary
Bulfinch Hall, Tirana Room
Flavia M. Vidal, Instructor in English and Peter M. Cirelli, Chair, Music Department
Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world, with a diverse population, geography, and cultural makeup. Its combination of African, European, and native cultures has produced some of the most interesting examples of literature and music in the world. A new version of this course exemplifies one kind of “connected learning” by studying nineteenth- and twentieth-century Brazil through the lens of literature, film, art, and music. Join us for a sample lesson experienced by students this spring.

Adventures in Astronomy: When Bodies Collide
Gelb Science Center, meet in lobby
Caroline E. Odden, Instructor in Physics and Supervisor of the Phillips Academy Observatory
From NASA’s Dawn mission to the fireball over Russia, asteroids are in the news and captivating the imagination. What is the difference between an asteroid and a meteor? What can we learn about the solar system by studying asteroids? Should we worry about an asteroid hitting the Earth? Join us to learn more about the space rocks that astronomers once referred to as “the vermin of the sky.” This class will also include a visit to the observatory.

The Andover Institute: A Hub for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Pearson Hall C
Caroline Nolan, Director of the Andover Institute and Patricia Russell, Dean of Studies
The Andover Institute is dedicated to supporting efforts to explore and advance innovative approaches to teaching and learning, broadly defined. During our first planning year, Andover faculty, staff, administrators, and students have been working together to envision and build the foundation for the Institute, advance and support existing projects, and pitch and incubate new efforts. Although the model is still evolving, the Institute will offer a hub – both physical and virtual- for community members to dream up, experiment with, and assess new ideas, tools, and modes to support innovations that will have a positive and lasting impact on Andover and beyond. We expect to launch officially in November 2014. Please join us in Pearson C for conversation and to hear more about this exciting PA venture and the many projects already underway within three initial thematic areas: Learning in the World, Connected Learning and Innovations in Outreach.

This is America: Teaching to Transgress and The Wire
Kemper Auditorium
David U. Fox, Instructor in English and Art History
For five years, I have offered a course on David Simon’s The Wire, a television series that William Julius Wilson says “has done more to enhance our understanding of the challenges of urban life, and the problems of urban inequality, than any other media event or scholarly publication, including studies by social scientists.” Today’s conversation will engage participants in the series itself—whether one has never seen an episode or has seen the whole series—as well as in the course’s attempt to meet many of the curricular goals of the English Department not only by enhancing the critical reading, thinking, and writing skills of each student but also by engaging in ethical issues, by focusing on various voices and perspectives, by understanding the power and problems of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality, and by seeing the relevance of texts and ideas to one’s own life.

Special Tour with Artist Chas Fagan ′84
Meet in the Lobby of George Washington at 9:15 a.m.
Chas Fagan will lead a tour and give a talk about his pieces of art on campus. The tour will begin in GW in the faculty room where portraits of Andover 12th Head of School, Ted Sizer and 13th Head of School, Don McNemar are hung. The tour will continue upstairs to the Trustee Room where portraits of Andover’s past Board Chair, David Underwood and a special and rare portrait of both President Bushes are on display. Finally Chas will lead alumni to the Oliver Wendell Holmes library to view the George Herbert Walker Bush marquette and to share an AV presentation on the making of some of his recent works of art.

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