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Welcome to your Reunion Website ’99!

We hope this site provides you with the information you need to plan your trip back to campus (registration, housing, childcare, etc.), as well as regarding the events scheduled for us throughout the weekend.

Our previous reunions have garnered ‘99 a reputation among Andover staff, and other classes, that has led other classes to request having joint reunion events with us, and staff wanting to work with us.

We don’t have to tell you how amazing our class is. We’re a pretty exceptional group and our reunion will hopefully allow you to reinforce your strong connections to one another. It will also be a really good time and the more of you who join, the better it will be!

Our lives continue to change as we get older; none of us are the same people we were when we marched onto the quad to the sound of bagpipes marking our transition from student to alumni. We hope that this reunion, and every reunion to come, provides our class with the opportunity to come together and not only remember our time at Andover, but to continue our relationships with one another into adulthood; to meet and get to know the updated versions of one another. 15 years can both seem like a long time, but also like it has flown by. After 15 years, all of us have had life changing experiences, have achieved major milestones, and we hope that this reunion is an opportunity to share these moments by catching up in person at the place that helped form us as individuals.

With that in mind, the first announcement we’d like to share is that Miru Kim has generously accepted our offer to share with us the journeys that she (literally) has been on the past few years. While Miru is based in NY her work as an artist her series of photographs led her to explore many different places in the world. Her series, “Naked City Spleen” documented her exploration of urban ruins such as abandoned subway stations, tunnels, sewers, catacombs, factories, hospitals, and shipyards. Her next series, “The Pig That Therefore I am” juxtaposed her skin against the skin of hogs in industrial hog farms to explore the relationship between pigs and humans, and skin as the transition point from our inner selves to the world at large. Her current series, “The Camel’s Way” has followed her journey to deserts around the world, including Wadi Rum in Jordan, the Sahara in Algeria and Mali, Thar in India, and the Gobi Desert in Mongolia where she lived with desert nomads, slept in caves, and photographed herself with camels. Her photos with camels highlight the relationship between camels and their environment, and explore the relationship of human beings to camels in the desert environment. Miru was featured as one of America’s Best and Brightest 2007 in Esquire magazine, her work has been highlighted by media such as The New York Times, TED.com, The Financial Times, Washington Post, and many other international publications and online media. Her work is now in public collections including our Addison Gallery, Seoul Museum of Art, Hanmi Photography Museum, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Borusan Contemporary Turkey, and Hana Bank; and has been shown in various galleries, museums, and prestigious art fairs. We will have the opportunity to hear Miru discuss her work, answer questions, as well as preview her upcoming documentary based on her life in the desert.

Miru’s presentation is just one of the wonderful events we hope to share with all of you and your guests.

We look forward to spending time with all of you, your families, and guests throughout the weekend of June 13-15th. We also hope that you’ll be able to join us for a reunion weekend kick-off event on the evening of Thursday, June 12th in Boston with members of the classes ’98, ’00 and ’01. If you have not yet RSVP’s, please register here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:
Joisan Decker DeHaan
Collis Klarberg
Eric de Cholnoky
Laura MacHugh
Crystal McGuire

Hope to see you there!

Your reunion co-chairs,
Joisan Decker DeHaan, Collis Klarberg, and Eric de Cholnoky

**Please note that due to local licensing requirements, alcoholic beverages at reunion events are now available only with drink tickets.  Drink tickets may be purchased at reunion during registration in George Washington Hall and other locations on campus throughout the weekend.  Credit cards will be accepted by all locations selling drink tickets.  Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages are available at all events.  IDs are required for anyone under 30 years of age.  For those purchasing drink tickets, we are aware that at our 10 year reunion there were long lines at the bar which caused some frustration this year an increased number of bartenders will be provided to better serve our class.**


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