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Greetings fellow 95-ers,

On June 12th the class of 1995 will be heading back to campus – and that’s just not something you’ll want to miss. Afterall: “Ain’t no party like a ’95 party ’cause a ’95 party don’t (fill in the blank).”

Yes, we went there – shamelessly. It’s real life, and that really happened.


20 years gone by in flash, and we’re all still so young, beautiful, talented but wiser by far…so much wiser.

We have all kinds of fun up our sleeves and we’re about to pull them out, along with a number of rabbits out of a number of different styles of hats.

But let’s get real for a moment: you’re all busy, wildly over committed and have a million other things you could be doing with your weekend. We get it. Ultimately, if the Class Notes are any indication, those not juggling some combination of work, family and school are basically Zen master unicorns who deserve a prize.

From time to time – say, every five years or so – it’s important to pump the brakes and reconnect with the people and the “you” who knew you way back when.

And by “way back when” we mean that far off time when you rocked out to Here Comes the Hotstepper and Phish in equal measure and waxed poetic over the joys of a perfectly made Commons waffle or Bertucci’s bread stick after just a wee bit too much time at the Spool.

You know: when fleece, corduroy bell-bottoms, athletic shorts from 1978 and flip flops were sartorial standards, African Drumming a brilliant way to round out your academic schedule and an afternoon at the infirmary/a microwaved Riley Room M&M cookie the height of luxury.

Yup: the golden years.

So come on, replace just one weekend of kicking ass and taking names (…or running errands/burying your head in the bedclothes, six of one) for a dose of laughter and adventure in the company of old friends. You know you want to.

Bottom line: we’ve looked at all the angles, considered all the possibilities – and there is absolutely no reason for you not to attend.

Not one.

And all those things you think might be reasons – they probably aren’t.

For 95ers far and wide, perhaps you’ll plan a family vacation and hit New England on the way to or fro, or if you’re nearby, well if we don’t see you soon, we’ll come looking for you!

Seriously, we’re an intrepid and industrious bunch, so any hurdle you can think of, we’ll work to help you work around – just get in touch. And if you’re still on the fence, consider the following:

Unless you’re Caitie and John Fawcett, your spouse or significant other has had some serious questions about Andover over the years.

Why you get misty-eyed at the opening bars of Welcome to the Jungle, for example. Why a bell tower popping up unexpectedly on the horizon during a road trip makes you just a wee bit edgy. Why you’re incapable of feeling the same fervor for your college that you do for your high school – in short, what the hype (and horror stories) are all about.

You know what they say: “Show, don’t tell.”

So come back to campus, check out the world’s greatest CVS, cast an eye over the walls in the gym to see if your records have been broken, if your picture is on a wall of fame (or a wall of shame), if the wall in between the Black Box and the Tang Theatre are littered with portrait-proof of your starring roles in various dance, theatre, improv and music shows, if you’ve been remembered in ways you might have forgotten that will refresh your memory and your soul.

Who knows, by taking a journey into the past, you might brighten up your entire present and future.

Bring your family. Bring your friends – the more the merrier!

Three cheers for [a hop in our figurative “hot tub time machine” for a hefty dose of reminiscing about what may-or-may-not have taken place in the Sanctuary after-hours – and the making of a whole new crop of memories to see us through the next 20 years. Can’t wait to see you!


Class of 1995 – 20th Reunion Planning Committee
David Brown, Erik Campano, Lon Haber, Anne Knight, Margot VBS Maltzahn, Mimi Crume Sterling


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