Dear PA class of 92,

We’re writing to kick off the preparations for our 25th reunion! Yes — it’s been nearly a quarter century since we made a circle on the Great Lawn and passed our diplomas to each other at graduation.

So much has happened since then – we’ve run projects, founded companies, written novels, addressed governments, developed technologies, crafted artwork, moved markets, gotten press coverage, and most importantly, built families and cherished relationships. We’ve all had many victories, accomplishments, and disappointments along the way.

And while we’re older and, hopefully, wiser, we can’t deny that our experiences together as teenagers shaped the passions and perspectives that define us today. We came from all over the U.S. and the world to a tight-knit community that at times embraced us and at times chafed us. But the experience was undeniably powerful, and if you’re like us, you miss the contagious energy, quirky teachers, and buzzing around campus.

If you haven’t been back, we hope you’ll return and join us and your classmates on campus this June. The 25th is the reunion to make. It’s “the big one” — a chance to joke and reminisce about who we were, and get energized for where we’re going. Come commune, hear from others, rediscover friends you knew and those you missed the first time around.

The weekend begins Friday night with dinner and drinks at the Log Cabin. We’ll cap off the first day with a Friday Night Flashback party in Pine Knoll, the designated residential area for the Class of 1992.

Saturday starts bright and early with a full schedule of mini-seminars led by current faculty, followed by the time-honored Alumni Parade (rock your blue and white, peeps)!
That afternoon, we’ll host fun activities for the whole family on campus … alternatively, you can sneak away for a run in the sanctuary, or maybe just hang out on the Great Lawn with classmates, or roam the magnificent campus. Saturday afternoon we will gather in the black box theater located in George Washington Hall for a ’92 TEDx program.

Saturday evening’s activities are adults only. PA has arranged for babysitting services for those planning to bring future alums. The night is kicked off with a cocktail party at Phelps House hosted by Head of School John Palfrey and his wife Catherine.

The true highlight of the weekend is an incredible catered dinner in a tent under the stars on the East Lawn. In addition to a lip-smacking, Pop Tart-less menu, we will dig deep into our mix tape collection to share some of our favorite tunes from the 80s and 90s courtesy of mixmaster Darryl Cohen.

The fates did not hex us; our guardian angel sent us to old PA; and now it is time to relive that incredible experience! So dig out your dog-eared copy of the real Facebook, hike up your low-riding Levis, turn up the Tone Loc and Magic Marker the weekend of June 9-11th.

Please feel free to email us with any questions. And make sure to check out the Phillips Academy Class of 1992 Facebook page for regular additions to the “then and now” photo archives.

Reunion Co-Chairs: Christy Wood (christywood1974@gmail.com) Todd Lubin (toddlubin@gmail.com)

Reunion Committee: Jenny Elkus, Nicole Quinlan, Aimee Lubin, Ellie Miller, Sherri Shafman, Kira Nurieli, Darryl Cohen, Bob Hall, Natasha Austin, Molly Wagman, Duncan Harris, Tracey Mullings Reed, Josh Davis, Margaret Stineman, Allen Soong, Berit Campion, Aditi Joshi, Daphne Matalene, Heidi Newell