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To the great class of ’89,

Our 25th Reunion is upon us. We want you to hang up your skates, close your laptops, and put away the soccer and baseball schedules. The Bell Tower beckons you; the Cage awaits you and your children. There is no better fashion in which to honor your classmates and pay homage to your alma mater: pack your bags for Andover!

The three of us have sketched out a weekend for our class – but we need you to fill in the roles to be played. Along with the Andover swag, bagpipers, Reunion Parade, there is our special, once in a lifetime Saturday night class dinner. You can take a class, go for a run in the sanctuary, play stickball on the Great Lawn, sit in Cochran chapel. But we need you there, because it’s each member of our class that will make up the mosaic that is our 25th reunion!

Plan to get there Friday night and check into your dorm room (embrace it!). Friday night dinner in the Cage is for everyone back for reunion. It’s kid-friendly, so if you’re bringing them to town, bring them that night. Saturday during the day is a full schedule planned by the school, including opportunities to hear from John Palfrey. With sunny weather on the schedule (fingers crossed), we will hit the Great Lawn in the afternoon and play stickball, kickball, frisbee. Families welcome! Saturday evening, we are invited to Phelps House for a cocktail party with John Palfrey and his wife Catherine. This is for classmates, with several options on campus for childcare. A special highlight of the weekend: Saturday night’s class dinner will be a catered event, under a tent, on the East Lawn (next to Gelb Science Center). Should be a fun evening with DJ, dance floor and libations.

Please take a moment now to take out your calendar, circle the dates and sign up. Call your dorm buddies and team members, and ask them if they will join you. What else would you like to see? Let us know through the email address below.

Sarah Rafferty, Ali Fort Maglieri and Henry Gourdeau

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