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Commons Duty River Survivors
Ropes Eaters
People who still say “Lower and Upper” but have abandoned “Junior” for Freshman
Dickey lovers
Loki apologists (“blame the drugs”)

Our Reunion is coming: June 9th – June 11th. Registration will start in March and will be available at www.andover.edu/reunion. The full weekend schedule as well as accommodation information for dorms and local hotels are also available on the website.


  • Friday night dinner in the Cage for all reunion classes
  • Champagne tour of the Addison Art Gallery
  • Stickball on the Great Lawn
  • Tribute to lost classmates
  • Saturday class dinner at the Log Cabin in the Sanctuary
  • Saturday Open Bar

Keep up to date at our PA’87 Group page facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/55029467573/

Please come!

Tony Gellert, Co-Chair – anthonygellert@yahoo.com
Woody Taft, Co-Chair – woodytaft1@gmail.com
Janet Clarkson Davis – janet@clarksondavis.com
Cindy Greene – cindygreene@hotmail.com
Chap Munger – chap_munger@yahoo.com
Tricia Paik – triciapaik@gmail.com
Stanley Tarr – Tarr@BlankRome.com
Rebecca Tversky – rtversky@gmail.com