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Hello Class of 1985!

Our 30th Reunion is less than two weeks away and your reunion committee and PA have been hard at work making great things happen on campus over the weekend!

In addition to the “main events” which you can read about on the reunion website here, there are several smaller and fantastic things happening involving members of our class at various times over the weekend:

Friday at 4 p.m.: Solange Brown will be doing a joint program with Richard Masland ’60 on Friday, June 12 from 4 – 5 p.m. in Kemper. Solange’s father is Bill Brown ’60 so he is her connection to this class and involvement with the program. The program is called, “All About the Brain: Current Findings in Neuroscience.” Solange is the principal investigator at the eponymous Brown Lab at Johns Hopkins and you can read all about her fascinating work here.

Saturday at 1:30 p.m.: Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, Collaboration Area, second floor. Join a vibrant discussion with our very own class panel Happiness and the Pursuit of Meaning: From Success to Significance. Four of our classmates will give a TED style 5 minute talk on an aspect of the panel topic and then we will dive in and discuss.

Julia Trotman Brady: Group Strategy Director, VIA Marketing Agency; Olympic bronze medalist in sailing “HAPPINESS AS A DRIVER OF CREATIVITY”

Craig Kaufman: Entrepreneur, Global Citizen; Resource for Dads; Writer; Student of Life “HAPPINESS AND PARENTHOOD”

Lorne Thomsen: Camp Director, Camp Deerwood; Teacher; Coach “HAPPINESS OFF THE BEATEN PATH”

Pamela Paresky, PhD: Psychologist; Fmr Adj. Prof. (leadership), U.S. Air Force Academy; Author; Consultant “HAPPINESS AND LEADERSHIP”

Saturday at 2:45 p.m.: If you aren’t all “paneled” out, come and join a Women’s leadership panel in Kemper. The session is oriented as a mentorship and networking event for the 5th and 10th reunion classes but has a lovely cross section of women from across the decades, highlighting a topic of crucial importance for all of us. Alison is a member of the panel as well.

If you have yet to register, don’t delay! And if you are already coming, maybe this will spur you to get someone else motivated!

Hope to see you on campus!

Alison and Dorothea

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