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To the class of ’84!

Lots of important milestones are turning 30 this year. Prince’s release of “When Doves Cry.” The first-ever Apple Macintosh. The movie Footloose. And the Andover Class of 1984. Come On, Class of ’84; we always broke the rules and broke records. Your reunion committee is issuing a challenge: let’s be the biggest 30th reunion group the Great Lawn has seen in years! We aim to get at least 84 members of the Class of ’84 to campus this June 13. Why not come back to Andover and enjoy the 30th reunion? It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed, but here are three good reasons to sign-up today:

  1. Connect with old friends beyond the virtual world–you’ve seen their kids on Facebook, and now you can see them live!
  2. Andover is glorious in June–take a weekend to breathe, relax, and maybe even brave participation in a stickball game!
  3. Continue our streak of beating every other class of the 80s, by bringing back record numbers of alumni to campus.

We hope to see you in June!
Peter Eliopoulos, Perry Hewitt, Stephanie Hunt, Steve Jones, Claudia Kraut Rimerman, Elizabeth Nilson, Bill Seeley, Sean Stone, and Hans Wydler

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