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Dear Fellow 1980 Alumni,

Our 35th reunion will take place on June 12-14. We are putting together a hands-on weekend of re-orientation where we can revel in each other’s awesomeness, the inspiring faculty, and beautiful campus. We will make some art, clamber over obstacles, improv, boogie, lament, and toast. It’s time we created, played, laughed, danced, cried and drank with each other again.

We are not talking about cocktail party chit-chat. Let’s get back to “us” for a few days–we deserve it after a life of Non Sibi! Let’s re-energize, conceptualize and actualize. Carpe Diem, baby! If we can improve upon those special moments from the 30th reunion, no one will want to miss a reunion again. Guaranteed or Jon Talcott’s money back.

Online registration will open in mid March. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get a handle on numbers to plan for our various activities. We would also greatly appreciate any reach-outs you can do with fellow classmates to increase awareness and attendance. Time is flying by–let’s get over 80 people from the class of ’80 to Andover this June. Let’s share all that we have learned.

For those of you who realized too late you were visual learners, we have attached a translation of this letter. [See below!]

The 35th Reunion Committee
Burke Dempsey, Kathleen LeMaitre and Liz Roth

Important details:
Registration: The Alumni Office will send us an email when registration is open. Go to the Reunion 2015 website for the overall weekend schedule and our 1980 class page. Our class will have special 1980 “re-orientation” (art class, improv and ropes course in sanctuary) on Saturday, 12:45-3:15 p.m. Don’t miss this!
Reunion Committee: If you have other ideas for the reunion or want to join the planning, please email any of us. We need everyone to reach out to classmates and get them psyched for reunion!


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