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Class of 1979,

Considering reunion, your first thoughts may wander to which of your best friends will be there – the folks you were closest to and have kept up with over the years but rarely get a chance to see. Consider also, though, the other great friendships you had, now receded with the passage of time, distance and circumstance. If you’ve attended past reunions, you know interactions with these people are the unexpected surprises that help make the experience so rich and rewarding. To paraphrase Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, at Andover we really were all above average, and by more than a bit. With all life has thrown at us since, we are even more so now. You will be hard pressed to find another time and place with such a concentration of diverse, engaging, fun (and yes, well educated) people. Take the opportunity to unplug briefly from your daily routine, recharge your mind, rekindle old friendships and forge new ones.

Thanks to the Alumni Office and Forty Conklin, we will shortly have our own class Facebook page, providing a new way for us to interact more often than every five years. Please check it out in coming days, and post some news or thoughts about reunion. The official reunion events are detailed elsewhere in these web pages, but all these events are optional and we are free to improvise beyond what’s there, so please suggest things you’d most like to see or do beyond what’s there.

We hope to see you in June,

Amy Appleton
Rountree Collett
Forty Conklin
Scott Drescher
Tad Flynn
Rick Moseley
Sloane Six
John Spokes
Susan Warren

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