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Dear Classmate,

As you know by now, our 40th reunion is fast approaching. Last time we had over 80 of you. Planning is well under way, and we expect again to stage what has become a very fun and memorable weekend.

Reunion starts Friday afternoon June 13th and continues through Sunday the 15th. We are focusing on providing opportunities for us to get together as a class and in smaller groups. Spouses, friends and kids are welcome, and have felt both welcomed and engaged with the class and the variety of activities in prior gatherings. We again intend to enjoy a first class event, with-in a reasonable budget.

Here’s a quick summary:

The party starts Friday afternoon, June 13 with registration, and check-in for those of us staying on-campus. Information on local hotel accommodations is enclosed. Please sign up quickly as the school only holds rooms for a limited period of time.

Friday evening we meet for a cocktail party at our class headquarters – newly renovated Bishop Hall in West Quad North, and from there on to a whole-school dinner at the cage. After that, we return to Bishop for further re-acquainting.

Saturday morning is the traditional parade, followed by a school meeting and then a picnic lunch.

Saturday night we will again enjoy a clambake dinner, this time at Davis Hall on the Abbott Circle followed by dancing back up the hill at Borden Gym (the old gym, same as last time), this time with AA and PA ’69 and their house band “Sundance”.

Sunday we brunch and say goodbye.

If you are on Facebook, you should have a look at our page there: Class of ’74. There are often interesting bits of information about the class and sometimes updates.

The event has been both meaningful and lots of fun in past years, and you are the reason why. Those of you who have made in back in prior years know how unexpectedly strong the connection remains to this now distant part of our lives. Further, another surprise is how much we have in common now even (and maybe particularly) with those we did not necessarily know well in the day.

Please feel free to contact any of us with suggestions, ideas or questions. Reach out to classmates and tell them you look forward to seeing them again. We hope to see every single one of you!

Best Regards,

Jonathan Meath          Laura Richards             Jack Gray
(617) 335-2397              (603) 763-2495              (212) 496-1594

Be sure to order your Class of ’74 gear here.  Payments can be made on-site, but order early to guarantee your merchandise!

4 thoughts on “1974

  1. Sorry, I will miss the fun and memories. My 3rd child will be graduating from Woodberry Forest School in VA and I will be attending another 40th reunion as well. I just can’t be in 2 spots at the same time. Have a great time. If any one’s kids are attending South Carolina University or Princeton, please give me a shout to hook my kids up with yours.

    Stewart Shofner,
    Nashville, TN

  2. Keith, How are you? I will miss the 40th, but please either toast me or curse me. Please spit on Mr. Reagan’s grave for me. In the next 4 years I will try to be in NE for Princeton games. My “little” Andrew should be playing line for them. He turned down Air Force and U of FL. He’s 6’4″, 285. Hope to see you at a Tiger game. I see Phil when in Pitts. he is doing great, his two twins wrestle for Davidson.

    1. Stewart – Doing great. Sorry that you will miss #40, it looks like a good crowd coming. Princeton a hike for me-I’ll look for Andrew’s name in the sports news. Glad to hear Phil is doing well-say hi to him for me.

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