Dear Classmates,

Golden beaches!  Three star dining!  Gorgeous mountain vistas!  Three things you won’t get at our 45th reunion!

What you will get:

  • Seeing old friends,
  • Strolling across campus on a beautiful weekend in June,
  • Liquid refreshment.

How can you resist?  I know we can’t.  The date is June 9th through the 11th.  An early calendar of events, not yet finalized, can be found at http://www.andover.edu/reunion. Yet to be scheduled but definitely in the planning stage will be our classes’ third open mic event on Saturday afternoon in Steinbach, (though there is as yet no assurance that Liz Padjen will be there with her whip).  Please note that we are now old enough to be relegated to the Old Guard dinner Friday night rather than the usual free-for-all in the Cage.  Perhaps we’ll learn if butter can stick to the roof of the Smith Center.  Abbot grads will have the option of attending a separate dinner in McKeen.

Please circle the date firmly in your calendars.  We also encourage everyone to visit the Andover/Abbot Class of 1972 private group on Facebook so you can keep up with the ongoing buzz among our classmates.  To join, if you haven’t already, search in Facebook for Andover/Abbot Class of 1972, proceed to the page, then click the green Join Group button just below our very photogenic banner.  One of the group’s administrators will add you to the group as quickly as they can.

We hope to see everyone in June!

Abbot/Andover ’72 Reunion Committee:

John Atwood
Bijan Amini
Buzz Bissinger
Sam Butler
Julia Gilbert
Elizabeth Hall
Charles Hirschler
Jim Mayock
Nancy Pinks
Bill Boak
Peter Hetzler