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Dear ’61 Classmates,

You know the drill. It’s been five years since our very successful 50th reunion, and we should all want to gather again to see what’s been going on with us these last few years.

We all know that 70 is now the new 40, many of us have taken advantage of this. Some of us may have improved our golf, knowing that you make your money around and on the green, not on the tee.

Maybe we’re slim because someone is seeing to it that we have better diets than we ever fed ourselves. Or we’re going to, or being nudged to, go to the gym.

We’re relearning from our grandchildren all the stuff we forgot about ourselves that we would like to be able to forget.

We may be very much enriching our lives by traveling to places we never did when we were working stiffs. We get to read, lots. We get to have hobbies. We may even have started a new business.

So, many of us should want to come to our Andover 55th. We’ll have a great program, but tell us what YOU would like for a program what would please you and your family. Bring your whole family, kids, and grandchildren.

Tell us what you would like to have happen.

We hope to see you at our Andover 55th.

Clint Kendrick
Dave Murphy

One thought on “1961

  1. Greetings..unfortunately we will be away on that week and weekend so I cannot come. best to all, esp. Abbot folks…Sybil Smith

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