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Dear Classmate:

JOIN US–anytime–June 13-15 for music, talk, art, sports, dancing and an interesting, relaxed and delicious 55th reunion on the Andover and Abbot campuses. There will be lots to do–highlighted by our astonishingly affordable class dinner at the newly renovated Peabody Museum on Saturday night! There will be times and places we can meet together as a class; the Abbot dinner (Friday night) and Abbot Tea (Saturday afternoon); star gazing at the new Observatory; Dave Smoyer’s induction to the Athletics Hall of Honor; the must-see film of Abbot alumnae stories and recollections. There will be seminars and meetings highlighted by John Palfrey’s report on his first two years at PA and his discussion with Duke President Dick Brodhead, ’64 on education and technology. There will be classes to attend, a parade to march in, and plenty of time to enjoy the school and each other’s company. We’re all looking forward to seeing and being with you there!

David Othmer, Susie Stedman, John Doherty, Kitty Flather, Art Rogers, Ann Stack, Lee Webb

2 thoughts on “1959

  1. I’ll be driving out each day from our town house in Winchester. Is there any reason for me to register in advance?

    What is the cost for the Class of ’59, with no accommodations included, i.e., just for “music, talk, art, sports, dancing and an interesting, relaxed and delicious 55th”?

    Peter Moock, PA59, petermoock@yahoo.com.

  2. Aha, I see the costs of meals when I click on the next page. I’ll register when I know whether I’m coming alone or with Joyce, my wife. (I see that the registration fee will go up on May 15th.)

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