Online registration for Reunion Weekend has closed. If you need to make a change to your registration, please contact reunions@andover.edu or 978.749.4291 until Thursday, June 9. All other changes can be made upon arrival at registration.

Dear Classmates:

Resoundingly, you said, “Yes!” to our straw poll about our Super Sixtieth Reunion, June 9-12.

And what a program your committee has put together! Check out the enclosed schedule of events… buffet luncheons, tours, open houses, cocktail receptions, cookouts, meeting Head of School John Palfrey and teachers… and more.

The Friday night Lobster Bake by Woodman’s of Essex and the Saturday extravaganza by Chefs of Aramark cum four-piece band for dining and dancing are well under control. Committee members Betsy Parker Powell, Steve Kunian and Jim Taylor have already taste-tested the prospective offerings at the Paresky Commons!

There’s more! Note, too, that the same Powell-Kunian-Taylor triumvirate has set up an “extracurricular” initiative on Thursday afternoon, June 9th, at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, with a follow-up dinner at the venerable St. Botolph Club.   The straw poll indicates that two-thirds of returning alums may opt for this “Early Bird Special” as well.

Bear in mind that none of the schedule is mandatory. No demerits for non-attendance. You may want to create your own schedule with one-on-one cozy catch-up chats with friends of yesteryear.

So far, 43 of us alums, plus 25 guests, have indicated that they plan to be on the hill for the festivities. And the count goes up nearly every day. Official registration starts in early-March. We’ll inform you of further details.

Here’s the current, and ever-growing, list of fabulous alums who estimate their odds of returning at 50% or better:

Nick Andrus, Tom Bagnoli, Phil Bowers, Louis Brownstone, Tom Burke, Jim Clunan, Tom Dent, Bill Ellington, Jim Fisher, Jerry Galyean, Ron Goodman, Nancy Swift Greer, Trevor Grimm, Julian Herrey, Phil Hirsh, Anne Hopkins, Edwin Hopkins, Frank Killilea, Steve Kunian, Mollie Lupe Lasater, Gar Lasater, Andy Leaf, Susie Wickham Maire, John McBride, Judy Warren McCormack, Mike Moore, Lee Pelton Morrison, Jeremy Nahum, Anne Woolverton Oswald, David Paresky, Betsy Parker Powell, Sam Rea, Jerry Ringland, Guy Robinson, Sandy Saunders, Toby Schwartzburg, Dick Sigal, Steve Snyder, Alec Sutherland, Oscar Tang, Ed Tarlov, Jim Taylor, Susie Waterous Wagg, Jane Tatman Walker, Peter Wells, John Winslow, and still tallying….

Notable comments elicited by the straw poll included John McBride’s “I want to help Don Erdman because he’s older!”; Jon Reiff’s, “Sorry. My wife, Rosalyn, died October 2, 2015. Best wishes to all”; John Pitts’, “I will miss you!”; Boat York’s, “I am crushed that I will miss the gathering of my dear old pals – my granddaughter to be married 6/11/15!”; Jack Curley’s, “Thanks for asking” and Jim Clunan’s classic, “I am 100%, but spouse is 75%.”

A limited number of rooms have already been set aside for the Class of ’56 at the Courtyard Marriott in “greater” Andover for Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday nights (June 9th, 10th and/or 11th). It’s about seven miles north of the campus near the Merrimac River. For details, Google “Courtyard Marriott Boston Andover.” To reserve, call 978-794-0700 and use the reference “Andover Alumni Room Block.”

For reunion planning and visitor information, go to the reunion home page at https://andoverabbotreunion.wordpress.com/, chock-full of useful information. Before moving on to our own Class of ’56 web page, and just for fun, click on “Wouldn’t you rather be at Andover?” in the lower right corner for an endearing evocation of the our own charming “8 ’n 1.”

As for costs, a few generous, unnamed classmates have stepped forward to absorb most of our Friday through Sunday costs, pri­marily in the realm of on-campus activities, meals and housing (yes, housing in the dorms, if you want to relive the experience!). Thursday’s off-campus spectacle in Boston will be financed separately by the participants.

Join our planning crew by contacting any of us three signatories. We can give you a handful of “undecided” classmates to call. Happily, our straw poll elicited responses from nearly 30% of the entries in our Class of ’56 database. There’s room to hear from the other 70%.

A Special Announcement:
Plan to attend Friday afternoon’s groundbreaking when classmate Steve Snyder will initiate construction of a brand new 90,000 square foot indoor athletic center. That’s an expanse equivalent to two football fields. Steve magnanimously stepped forward as the project’s primary funder. For details: http://www.andover.edu/about/newsroom/pages/athleticcentercommitment.aspx

Onward and upward. We’ll see you at Andover, June 10-12 and hopefully in Boston on June 9.
Judy Warren McCormack
Phil Bowers
Phil Hirsh

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