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Dear Class of 1950 Classmates,

All best wishes to you and yours for the New Year. May you and your family enjoy a healthy, stimulating, and productive 2015! Plans for our exciting and inimitable 65th Reunion are progressing apace, and we are pleased now to provide you information regarding schedule, accommodations, and expenses.


Thursday, June 11 Our 65th will be launched with a Cocktail Reception in late afternoon in the Elson Courtyard, the beautifully landscaped area between George Washington Hall and the Addison Gallery. Our class Jazz Combo, with Phil Brooks, Dud Shepard, and John Lincoln, will perform outdoors until we repair to the adjacent Underwood Room for Dinner. John Palfrey, the exciting Head of School, has generously responded to our invitation to join us at dinner to present his grand vision of how the Digital Revolution–in which he is a recognized authority–can be integrated with the great Andover educational tradition we experienced, and he has volunteered to respond to our questions. John Palfrey is not to be missed under any circumstances, as this dynamic leader is exceptionally inspiring with impressive leadership potential for creating our national education policy.

Friday, June 12 Our morning event features David Chase, the prominent scholar of Andover’s rich architectural heritage and the husband of Barbara Landis Chase, presenting a history of the magnificent campus and buildings which shaped our environment during our formative years. Classmate Charlie Platt will join us in reviewing the outstanding legacy his grandfather, the architect Charles Adams Platt, was so instrumental in creating. In the afternoon we’ll learn about mysterious and little-known exploits by our classmates at P.A. in a “Now It Can Be Told” session, moderated by Ken McDonald; another afternoon event, directed by Paul Kopperl, will present impressive accomplishments of various classmates–both in a beautiful new room in Bulfinch Hall. Our Cocktail Reception will be on the verdant lawn facing George Washington Hall, with accompaniment by our class Jazz Combo, to be followed by Dinner in the Smith Center.

Saturday, June 13 The morning meeting, moderated by classmate Will Watson with assistance by Dean of Studies Patricia Russell, will build on John Palfrey’s earlier dinner remarks to compare the formidable though limited curriculum of our day with the embarrassment of riches of over 300 courses for today’s students. Because of wide interest generated by this session, the School has requested we open our forum to all reunion classes, so we’ll present it in the Kemper Auditorium. Saturday’s major events for all reunion classes will include the Alumni Parade and the “State of the Academy” program by John Palfrey and the President of the Board of Trustees plus a variety of other activities. Our 65th Reunion Tennis Tournament will grace the early afternoon–with George Beatty, Dave Seifer, and Caleb Woodhouse as seeded entrants, plus Dick Suisman’s wife Ingrid and yours truly already signed up–and all tennis players in the Class are urged to enter.

A Memorial Service to honor our deceased classmates will be conducted in the late afternoon in Cochran Chapel, which the School has thoughtfully reserved for our Class, with Class President Dick Bell and Rev. Beverley F. Edwards of the Abbot Class of 1950 officiating and John Lincoln at the organ. Saturday’s Cocktail Reception will be in the Addison Gallery, followed by dinner in the Commons, where we look forward to a command performance by our Jazz Combo.

Sunday, June 14 We will close our 65th with Brunch at the Commons for which we plan a special surprise speaker.

Exhibit  We urge all of you to submit examples of your work in any and all subjects and media for the Exhibit, curated by Bill Drake, on display in the Elson Art Center, adjoining the Addison Gallery. (billydrake@aol.com; 312 659-9935)


Bartlet Hall Common Room, ramp-accessible and centrally located on the ground floor next to Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, will be reserved exclusively for our Class at all times, stocked with refreshments and beverages.

Bartlet Hall Dormitory, accessible from the main quadrangle by ramp without steps, is served by an elevator, contains 38 single, double, and triple rooms, modern shower rooms and separate men’s and women’s toilets, and will be reserved exclusively for the Class of 1950. All beds have a pillow, pillow case, sheets, and a blanket, as well as one set of towels, including bath towel, hand towel, and facecloth. The cost is $45 per night per person (plus $20 for wife/guest), with breakfast included at the nearby Commons.

Andover Inn, heavily in demand, may be unable to provide our class with more than three rooms at $289 or $309 per night (double occupancy). These are reserved first for Class of 1950 members with serious mobility issues. Please inform me privately if you require a room for this reason so we can try to reserve it for you.

Sonesta ES Suites is a popular hotel in Andover, 6 miles distant, which offers rooms with complimentary breakfast from $139 to $169 per night, based on double occupancy, with shuttle service available to the campus. A block of rooms will be reserved for our class. Information can be found at http://www.sonesta.com/Andover (978 686-2000).

Courtyard Boston Andover (Marriott) also 6 miles away in Andover, is an alternative at $129 per night based on double occupancy without complimentary breakfast or shuttle service. A block of rooms will be reserved for our class. Information is available at http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/mhtch-courtyard-boston-andover/ (978 794-0700).


We have made every effort to keep expenses at the absolute minimum possible, and Andover has fully cooperated in this effort.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you have any suggestions for events or wishes for the Reunion as we may still be able to entertain some of your ideas. Don’t hesitate!

You’ll receive another letter in late March with information enabling you to register and pay for the 65th Reunion.

Thirty-one classmates have already confirmed they plan to attend!: Beatty, Bell, Blum, Brooks, Drake, Edwards (Abbot), Epler, Erdman, Flather, T. Gordon, Hanna, Herrey, King, Kopperl, Kozol, Lincoln, Lombardi, R. Martin, McDonald, Platt, Quinn, Schaum, Seifer, Shepard, Sourian, Starke, Suisman, Watson, Webb, Wentworth, and Woodhouse. Dick Suisman, our Director of Attendance, may be in touch with you soon to assist in your planning for our 65th.

We remain enthusiastic about setting a new Andover attendance record–as we did at our 60th. We look forward with great anticipation to your joining us for the launch of our 65th on June 11, when we’ll enjoy the rare opportunity of meeting and interacting with the dynamic John Palfrey. As most of us are now entering our 84th year, we urge you to seize this grand opportunity of our 65th to make a pilgrimage back to the imposing scene of so many vital and memorable events that in our most formative years made us what we are. Only you can confer on your classmates the unique gift of your presence from June 11 to 14, so we urge you to make the decision right now to join us on the Hill.

Your old friend and classmate,

Antony Herrey
150 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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